Monday, April 15, 2013

[Juniper Research]: "Data Offloading [60% by 2017] is Key, Challenges Still Remain"

A new report by Nitin Bhas (pictured), Juniper Research, forecasts that "..the amount of mobile data traffic generated by Smartphones, Featurephones and Tablets will exceed 90,000 Petabytes by 2017 .. only 40% of the data generated by these devices will reach the cellular network by 2017, as majority of the data traffic will be via the Wi-Fi network .. Data Offloading is Key, Challenges Still Remain ..  despite 2012 being a breakthrough year for 4G LTE, operators will still need offloading technologies such as Wi-Fi & Small cells to augment 4G networks".

"The report identifies a series of trends that are coming together to greatly accelerate carrier-Wi-Fi adoption, mainly NGH (Next Generation Hotspot) and Hotspot 2.0 specifications along with 5GHz enabled devices. Carrier-grade small cells along with Wi-Fi will enable high levels of capacity and along with the macro network will provide commercial and financial success to the operator".

See "Mobile Devices to Generate Data Traffic Equivalent to 42 Quadrillion Tweets by 2017, at Over 90,000 PB" - here.

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