Monday, April 15, 2013

[Israel]: More Illegal Download Sites are Blocked (or not)

ZIRA's Notification on blocked sites
The Israeli press reports (Calcalist, here - Hebrew) reports that local ISPs are now blocking two more pirate video streaming downloading sites - and 
The two are from few remaining illegal download sites, following the shutdown of other sites during the recent months. 

ISP are now blocking these sites based on DNS names, after an initial block by IP addresses failed. The court order issued to the request of ZIRA (Hebrew acronym for "Internet Copyrights"), a coalition of major local media and broadcasting organization.
Nevertheless, although my ISP is mentioned in the story as blocking the two sites, I can access both sites (which have new names now - Deniro and loka - the latter even ask the visitors to sign a petition against ZIRA).

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