Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ofcom Checks Traffic Management Practices

Some highlights from UK's regulator, Ofcom, 2013/4 work plan (here, below):

"During 2013/14 Ofcom’s work on consumer information will address areas where we believe information provided by the market is insufficient. Examples of this will include:
  • Broadband speeds research: We will continue our work to ensure that consumers have adequate information on the actual fixed-line and mobile broadband speeds available, to help them make informed choices when selecting their broadband provider. We plan to publish research every six months, allowing consumers to see how broadband speeds vary across different providers, technologies, geographic areas and time periods.
  • Traffic management practices: we are doing further work to consider the transparency of information on traffic management, including a more detailed review of traffic management practices, to ensure consumers are getting the information they need to make informed choices. This work has started only  recently, but may result in modifications to the current industry codes, or the integration of new content with the existing Ofcom sponsored codes such as that on broadband speeds. Any outcomes will be based on analysis of how well the existing industry code fulfils the intended goal of providing sufficient transparency for consumers to make informed decisions."

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