Thursday, April 18, 2013

Prolexic: Average DDoS Attack Bandwidth Up by 718% (!!!!)

High volume DDoS attacks are now a real threat also to many carriers and ISPs, according to Prolexic, as average DDoS attack now takes more than 48 Gbps!
The DDoS prevention service company's latest report (Q1 2013) shows that "average attack bandwidth totaled 48.25 Gbps in Q1 2013, a 718 percent increase over last quarter, and the average packet-per-second rate reached 32.4 million". Other indexes grew in a reasonable numbers -  Average attack duration increases 7.14 percent from 32.2 hours to 34.5 hours  and total number of DDoS attacks increased by 1.75%.

Stuart Scholly (pictured), president, Prolexic said: “Average packet-per-second rate and average bit rate spiked in the first quarter and both are growing at a fast clip .. When you have average – not peak – rates in excess of 45 Gbps and 30 million packets-per-second, even the largest enterprises, carriers, and quite frankly most mitigation providers, are going to face significant challenges”.
See "Average Attack Bandwidth up 718 percent;Average Packet-Per-Second Rate Reaches 32.4 Million According to Prolexic’s Q1 2013 DDoS Report" - here

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