Friday, April 12, 2013

Emerson Introduced ATCA Platform for DPI, Powered by Qosmos

Emerson Network Power announced new "application-ready platforms for
deep packet inspection (DPI) applications. Emerson has integrated its new FlowPilot™ load balancing software with its Centellis™ series 40G ATCA® systems to create platforms that enable network equipment providers to accelerate the development and delivery of applications that use DPI. These include ‘bump in the wire’ applications such as policy enforcement, security gateways, and firewalls as well as network monitoring and optimization, and lawful intercept"

"..  the new FlowPilot software provides the foundation for network intelligence applications, allowing users to deploy context-aware network applications faster, more cost effectively and with less risk. The initial release of FlowPilot software acts as the platform’s central packet dispatcher to achieve low latency, full wire speed, and context-aware packet distribution to and from all processing blades in the system. Emerson has collaborated with network intelligence software specialist Qosmos to enable customers to manage those data flows down to individual processors, cores or virtual machines". 

See "Emerson Network Power ATCA Systems Ready for Deep Packet Inspection" - here.

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