Friday, April 19, 2013

Procera and Genband Terminate OEM Agreement

An SEC filling by Procera Networks (here) states that the OEM agreement it had with GENBAND (see "DPI Market: GENBAND OEMs Procera" - here and "Procera - Genband OEM Agreement" - here) has been terminated. At the quarters following the agreement Procera mentioned GENBAD is its earning calls (Q4-2010Q1-2011Q2-2011), but not in recent quarters.

Nevertheless, the two agreed to promptly enter into a reseller arrangement.

"Effective April 15, 2013, (i) Procera Networks, Inc. (“Procera”) and GENBAND US LLC and GENBAND Ireland Ltd. (collectively “GENBAND”) terminated their Master OEM Purchase and Sales Agreement, dated July 19, 2012 (“OEM Agreement”) .. The transition agreement permits GENBAND to continue to perform its functions for existing customers, as provided under the OEM Agreement, for the remainder of the current service term, and further provides that Procera will continue to provide support or maintenance to GENBAND’s existing customers under or in connection with the OEM Agreement and for which GENBAND previously submitted a purchase order. Under the transition agreement, Procera and GENBAND also agreed to promptly enter into a reseller arrangement"

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