Sunday, April 28, 2013

Aptilo 2012 Revenues - $17.7M ; High Wi-Fi Offload Demand

Following a number of reported deployments by TIM BrazilTaiwan (3 operators), eircom3 Scandinavia  it looks like Aptilo Networks had a good 2012.

The Swedish vendor reported ".. record revenue for 2012 of 17.7 million USD with EBITDA of 3.0 million USD ..  Demand among mobile operators for Wi-Fi, as a complement to their 3G/4G mobile networks, has brought huge success to Aptilo. In 2012 Aptilo’s revenue grew 40% in the mobile operator segment, maintaining profits even while the company increased staff by 40%. As a result, the Swedish company is well positioned with a leading solution in the center of this rapidly growing market".

"With Aptilo’s service provider Wi-Fi solution [chart below], and the award-winning Wi-Fi offloading solution with SIM Authentication, the user is securely and automatically connected to the Wi-Fi network through the credentials residing on the mobile phone’s SIM card. This is a technology used for 3G/4G mobile networks and is now being fully deployed with Wi-Fi. Aptilo’s solutions have become very popular among mobile operators since traffic is secured with strong encryption and users are automatically logged-in to the Wi-Fi network when they are in range"

See "Aptilo Rides the Wave of Mobile Operator Wi-Fi Initiatives, Grew Mobile Operator Business by 40% in 2012" - here.

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