Friday, April 5, 2013

$6.5M Traffic Steering [to undisclosed service] Deal for Allot

Last November Allot Communications announced a $6M deal based on its application and subscriber aware traffic redirection technology (see "$6M Parental Control Win for Allot in EMEA (with Partner)" -here). Now it announces a similar deal - however, without specifying the specific service enabled for this customer - or even state if it is made by Allot, a partner or maybe a new, yet to be announced, service.

This further positions Allot's Service Gateway as a multi-service enabling platform using an intelligent steering function that can steer relevant traffic to different services, based on policy definitions and applications, allows operators to deploy new VAS quickly and efficiently. Allot offers steering as a product (software license) that comes on top of the Service Gateway basic funcionality.
According to the new announcement, Allot has ".. secured a $6.5 million order from a Tier-1 mobile operator in EMEA for Intelligent Steering and Value-Added Service (VAS) Licenses. The order is a licensing expansion of an existing Allot Service Gateway deployment. The expansion order will allow the operator to build on the functionalities of its previously-deployed Allot Service Gateways by adding further Intelligent Steering and VAS capabilities. The ability of the Allot Service Gateway to accurately identify and redirect specific application and subscriber traffic enables the inline platform to act as a nexus point within the operator’s network, allowing fast and efficient VAS creation and delivery. The platform connects to both policy and charging servers over standard interfaces (Gx,Gy), enabling an integrated and comprehensive approach to new service deployment"

Source: Allot

See "Allot Secures $6.5 Million Steering and VAS Licenses Expansion Order from Tier-1 EMEA Mobile Operator" - here.

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