Wednesday, April 3, 2013

BitTorrent's Live Streaming Goes Live

Yet another challenge for carriers (or DPI vendors) ? 

Andrew Orlowski reports to The Register that "BitTorrent’s live streaming protocol has finally emerged into the daylight after years of development. The broadcast data is assigned to small groups - "clubs" - which then share the stream with a UDP protocol. Congestion control is added at the last hop. There’s more detail in this excellent technical post on BitTorrent Inc’s engineering blog.

Source: The BitTorrent Engineering Blog

.. Putting high quality, low cost transmission tools in the hands of individuals and small groups is an exciting prospect. Particularly since the potholed public internet isn't capable of high quality video broadcasting - you need to use a CDN (Content Delivery Network), or even better, own one. Google kicked the net neutrality campaign in the nuts three years ago, and today operates the largest private network in the world, to carry its YouTube traffic".

See "BitTorrent opens kimono, gets out one-to-many streaming tool" - here.

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