Friday, April 12, 2013

Witbe: New Video Analytics Solution

Witbe launched its ".. new Analytics Solution dedicated to give service providers and content owners full visibility and control when delivering video and applications-based services to any screen, including set-top boxes, PCs, smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, etc. Witbe’s analytic portal leverages bigdata technologies to capture metadata and provide the depth and breadth of information needed to operate, optimize and monetize multiscreen services".

"Witbe’s new Analytics solution ads real-time reporting from all users, whatever their devices, for a precise and comprehensive view of the service delivery status per device type, network type, geographic area, Internet service provider (ISP), content delivery network (CDN), and more ..  Witbe’s multiscreen monitoring & analytics portal offers a range of comprehensive dashboards presenting factual quality, performance and usage information on infrastructures, devices and contents. Using unique correlation technologies, Witbe’s multiscreen monitoring & analytics help predict and resolve issues, further increasing customer satisfaction levels".

The company sent me some screenshots generated by the new product:

See "Witbe Launches Analytics Solution for Multiscreen Video Services at the NAB Show" - here.

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