Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Accedian Adds Multi-vendor Visibility to SON and SDN

Accedian Networks announced SkyLIGHT thart ".. provides mobile operators with the visibility they need to optimize backhaul performance in real-time .. SkyLIGHT delivers operators with the performance visibility required to take the self-optimization promise of SDN and SON and execute it on multivendor, heterogeneous, mobile backhaul networks (MBH-SON) using standards-based technology – a first in the industry. As Accedian currently has partnerships in place with most major base-station vendors, this makes SkyLIGHT, not only standards-based, but also fully interoperable by-design, with more than 80% of the base-stations on the market".

See "Accedian Announces SkyLIGHT™ - its Solutions Architecture for Performance Assurance" - here.

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