Saturday, June 8, 2013

Avvasi Wins a US Tier1 MNO (Sprint?)

Avvasi announce it has added a "tier-1 US mobile network operator (with over 50 million subscribers) to its roll of customers. The provider is the latest carrier to deploy Avvasi’s solutions to measure its subscribers’ mobile video experience as it develops services that can monetize video traffic over its network".

3 operators fall into this category - 2 with over 100M subscribers - Verizon Wireless and AT&T and one with around 56M - Sprint (here).

Mate Prgin (pictured), president and CEO, Avvasi said: “Our new customer understands the unique challenges posed by the explosive growth of video OTT traffic .. We are proud to provide one of the world’s largest network operators with industry-leading technology to measure, improve and monetize mobile video”.

See "Leading Tier-1 US Carrier Selects Avvasi to Measure and Manage the Mobile Video Experience" - here.

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