Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cache Deployments [254]: Americable [Japan] Saves 33% Bandwidth with PeerApp

PeerApp announced it has been "..selected by Americable Japan to provide its UltraBand transparent caching platform. UltraBand helps Americable Japan deliver Internet content, including video and multimedia, with improved quality, while reducing associated network congestion and costs. 

Americable Japan provides broadband Internet service and cable television programming to U.S. naval bases throughout Japan. Serving these communities presents unique challenges. Since late 2012 the subscriber base has grown at an annual rate of 24%. A high proportion of the content originates from the U.S. mainland, exposing it to delays from trans-Pacific links. Also, demand is highly variable based on large-scale personnel movements as ships come and go.

Americable has reported that UltraBand consistently serves from cache over a third of the traffic that it processes, effectively precluding Internet bandwidth constraints from impacting subscriber experience"

See "Overseas Personnel Stay Connected with Help from PeerApp" - here.

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