Monday, June 10, 2013

Openet Integrates Legacy IN into 3GPP Charging

Openet announced the availability of its "Intelligent Network (IN) replacement solution. The new offering will allow operators to profit from the rise of high speed data by evolving legacy platforms to provide flexibility and real-time capabilities required by operators".

Openet’s solution is based on Evolved Charging, a 3GPP compliant online charging system, which integrates with a service control point in the core network to enable dynamic charging for all voice and data services to all subscribers. Evolved Charging provides operators the ability to configure dynamic “offers” to their subscribers for voice or data or a mixture of services. Usage is rated and balances held in realtime for all subscribers, allowing them to choose payment methods for any service.

See "Openet Announces Intelligent Network (IN) Replacement Solution to Deliver Dynamic Services in a Data Centric World" - here.

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