Sunday, June 2, 2013

Flash Networks: Things you can do with Analytics

Back in 2012, Telefonica said it is going to "Monetize on its Mobile Analytics Data" (here). An example of the type of information that can be collected by MNOs is provided now by Flash Networks

The mobile optimization vendor announced that "..Based on Harmony Analytics, Flash Networks discovered that people who browse on tablets are twice as likely to go to shopping sites, and three times more likely to browse news sites than people who browse on smartphones. Conversely, those who browse on smartphones are more than twice as likely as tablet users to engage in social networking activity, such as Facebook and LinkedIn .. The findings were based on mobile Internet traffic data retrieved from operators in Western Europe and Asia during March of 2013".

Merav Bahat (pictured), VP Marketing and Business Development, said: "Mobile operators are currently in a position to share valuable information about subscriber preferences that can unlock the key to realizing the potential of mobile advertising

See "Flash Networks Analysis Reveals that Tablet Users are Twice as Likely to Shop Online as Smartphone Users" - here.

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