Thursday, June 6, 2013

Oracle Next Acquisition: DPI? Optimization? SDN?

Ronald Gruia [pictured], Director at Frost & Sullivan, covering emerging telecoms, analyzes in an article to The Street who is next on Oracle's acquisition list, following Acme Packet and Tekelec - "Oracle management hinted at financial services and retail as other verticals the company would delve deeper into via innovation or acquisition. However, I believe that the company will further bolster its telecom stack. Here are a few possibilities:

  • DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) - this is an important capability that can enhance the Oracle charging solution set. Players such as Allot Communications  (which maintained a relationship with Tekelec to enhance the latter's PCRF product in accounts such as OrangeVerizon and Vodafone) and Procera Networks (which partnered with Tekelec in some accounts such as Comcast) can be distinct possibilities.  

    [Should I remind Sandvine to a Canadian]

  • Video optimization current standalone vendors include Flash Networks and Vantrix
  • SDN (Software Defined Networking) vendor [one must follow the trend, I guess]"
The DPI market is at least 5 times bigger that the video optimization market, that seems to be declining (see "Is the Optimization Market Declining?" - here). It is also big enough (over $500M, with expected growth of 20-30%) to generate interest by large vendors such as Oracle.

Shira Levin of Infonetics Research bets on DPI. 

See "Oracle Not Done with Its Telecom Foray" - here.

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