Sunday, June 16, 2013

DT CEO: "We cannot Explain our DSL Throttling Policy"

Ofir Dor interviewed Rene Obermann (pictured), CEO of Deutsche Telekon, to Calcalist (here, Hebrew) who is visiting Israel this week. Mr. Obermann provided the following insights:
  • VoIP and messaging OTT services (see "Deutsche Telekom CEO: OTT providers should pay for High Quality" - here) - "We changed our approach and decided to cooperate with OTTs while keep competing with them. The communication environment should be open - nobody is controlling the market anymore" (see "DT to Offer Zero-Rate Video Calls, Messaging, File sharing and Music Services"- here).
  • Throttling DSL speeds (see "Will DT Throttle DSL Speeds for Exceeding Quota?" - here) - "Mr. Obermann lost his patient", the reporter says. "I don't know how to contain this matter. The fact is that we have a big increase in internet traffic in Germany, and we have to create price differentiation. We simply cannot provide 150GB download volume for 30 Euro, so we decided to offer heavy users a slightly more expensive service plan. We may have mistaken by emphasizing the speed throttling aspect. No matter how many times I explained that, once this Genie was out of the bottle we could not put it back in

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