Sunday, June 30, 2013

Volubill Launches Cloud-based Analytics Reporting

The trend of cloud-based analytics reporting continues (see Openwave, Movik).

Volubill launched its ".. new analytical reporting solution that allows operators to offer more compelling packages, answer key business stakeholder questions and predict consumer behavior using a highly-visual dashboard. With a number of unique functions, such as remote cloud-based access and real-time high-performance data manipulation, operators can determine more clearly than ever exactly how to design policies to maximize revenue and customer satisfaction.

Volubill’s analytical reporting solution is accessible from any HTML5-capable device, allowing for flexible reporting and ad-hoc queries and data drill down, regardless of location. Volubill’s analytical reporting solution offers a number of additional features for premiere control and analysis, including: In-memory analytics .. Trend and threshold analysis .. Visualized data and Operational intelligence" 

See "Volubill's New Analytical Reporting Solution Reveals Unique Business Opportunities for Operators" - here.

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