Friday, June 7, 2013

Altobridge Launches Multi-layered Caching: Base Station and End Device

Altobridge announced the "launch of a multi-layered caching capability at both the radio base station and on users’ mobile devices, i.e., mobile phones, smartphones and CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) .. Altobridge has developed a platform which enables mobile network operators to build intelligence into their existing RAN, not only to become a Content Delivery/Distribution Network (CDN) provider, but also to deliver a superior service by dramatically improving QoE for mobile users.

Based on the Altobridge Data-at-the-Edge™ self-learning software, the cost of delivering big data and cloud based services is greatly reduced, thereby having a direct and positive impact on the mobile network operator’s bottom line transmission costs"

See "Altobridge Launches Hierarchical Network Caching" - here.

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