Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Largest SDN Network Deployed by US Tier1 MNO w/ConteXtream (T-Mobile?)

ConteXtream (see "ConteXtream Launches Software-Defined Network Virtualization Solution for Carriers" - here and "ConteXtream Secured $14M - Investors Include Comcast and Verizon" - here), announced recently that its "ConteXtream Service Provider Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solution has been deployed by a Tier I U.S. wireless operator to virtualize a network of nearly 40 million wireless users. ConteXtream’s Service Provider-SDN technology was selected by the wireless operator to create a virtualized service abstraction layer, constructing the largest SDN implemented on production traffic to date"

A US operator with "nearly 40 million wireless users" (if this statement refers to the whole network) is T-Mobile (here).
".. ConteXtream’s Service Provider-SDN solution identifies and steers traffic to the specific subset of network functions needed to support each subscriber flow, enabling far greater network efficiency, and providing improved network management and subscriber visibility. Existing network functions, as well as the ones being newly introduced, benefit from this deployment. They include content filtering, spam filtering, customized billing, distributed caching, video optimization, TCP optimization, ad insertion, and network and subscriber analytics"
See "ConteXtream at the Core of the Largest Commercial SDN Deployment to Date by Tier 1 U.S. Wireless Service Provider" - here.

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