Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Polystar Expands DPI-based Analytics w/Subscriber Awareness and OTT Usage

Polystar announced that it ".. expands its Customer Insight solution and introduces "Marketing Analytics" for telco marketers. The product is designed to deliver comprehensive real-time subscriber awareness and enhanced business intelligence of over-the-top (OTT) application usage ..  Polystar's "Application Recognition" (Deep packet inspection (DPI)), combined with the "Marketing Analytics" application enables Mobile Network Operators and service providers to go well beyond conventional network monitoring and troubleshooting. The advanced Polystar solutions offer sophisticated network analytics and enhanced troubleshooting capabilities, as well as real-time visibility of bandwidth consumptions and application utilisation down to each subscriber segment".

Polystar uses Qosmos' DPI engine (see "Polystar Enhances Network Analytics and Business Intelligence Solution with Qosmos Network Intelligence Technology" - here).

".. As an example, Mobile Network Operator might look into details on how different customer groups behave and utilise the available set of services in relation to their subscription plans, and how age and gender generate different scenarios. By analysing customer profiles and utilisation, subscriptions and price plans can be continuously improved and adopted. Besides, Polystar "Marketing Analytics" give network operators the ability to monitor the utilisation and service quality and evaluate the success of new services introduction".

See "Polystar Introduces Marketing Analytics Solution for Telco Marketers" - here.

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