Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Telenor Manages OTT Video Traffic With: ALU, Opera/SkyFire, ConteXtream and Velocix

Alcatel-Lucent and TelenorGroup have "signed a three-year global frame agreement that will give customers fast, buffering-free mobile video and improve overall Internet service quality. The agreement will enable the deployment of mobile Internet optimization for Telenor’s 2G, 3G and 4G networks in Europe and AsiaAlcatel-Lucent will help Telenor address the challenges caused by mobile users accessing ‘over the top’ (OTT) video from sites like YouTube or Netflix"

"Telenor will deploy technology that automatically manages the delivery of Internet traffic over a mobile network, optimizing the experience for customers watching video and accessing web content while ensuring a surge in demand doesn’t affect those using the network for other activities.

The mobile Internet optimization solution includes: Opera’s  SkyfireRocket Controller and Optimizer [see Opera Buys Skyfire for (up to) $155M" - hereConteXtream’s [here, here] Session Control to manage end-to-end sessions across the network, automatically directing video traffic to Skyfire based on rules or policies decided on by the operator, Velocix 7810 Transparent Caching [hereand  9900 Wireless Network Guardian".

See "Telenor Group selects Alcatel-Lucent to enhance mobile Internet experience in 11 countries" - here.

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