Sunday, June 23, 2013

Citrix Identifies the 4 Top Mobile iOS Applications

Citrix released the ".. Citrix ByteMobile Mobile Analytics Report for the second quarter of 2013. The Mobile Analytics report provides insight into mobile data subscriber usage patterns and the impact this behavior has on operators’ networks".

An interesting finding is that "four apps – Media Player, Safari, App Store and Facebook – generate 82 percent of mobile data volume on iOS devices, with Media Player accounting for nearly half .. Facebook has risen in prominence and increased its relative volume by 5X over previous measurements. Facebook generated 1% of data volume in Feb 2012 and now generates 5%. With 1% of mobile transactions, the eBay app now generates enough traffic to be a significant mobile data contributor and in so doing becomes the first Ecommerce app to pass the 1% threshold".

Source: Citrix ByteMobile Mobile Analytics Report

See "Citrix: Data Provides Insight into Mobile Subscriber Behavior and Mobile App Preference" - here.

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