Monday, October 11, 2010

[Light Reading] TeliaSonera's LTE Comes with Traffic Management

Michelle Donegan from Light Reading has a story today on TeliaSonera's traffic management policies in its new LTE network. The news is that there is no news - same 3G traffic management policies apply to LTE as well.

See "TeliaSonera Limits P2P Over LTE" - here.

"We've seen some users use [the LTE network] for P2P, and that type of usage we're limiting during peak hours," said Lars Klasson, TeliaSonera CTO of mobility services  .. We limit the number of sessions and the speed of the sessions .. the problem is with "sharing movies and doing that on a more professional basis -- say, 10 sessions with a lot of friends, That can use all the 100 Mbit/s in one sector and can occupy that for 24 hours. And that's not fair."

According to Light Reading - The operator also applies the same policy control rules to manage data usage caps across its LTE and 3G subscriber bases.

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