Friday, May 20, 2011

PCRF Announcements: Cisco Adds Its Own PCC to M.O.V.E

Few days ago, Cisco announced an in-house ".. enhancement to the Cisco M.O.VE (Monetization, Optimization, Video Experience) strategic framework, we are introducing our next generation Cisco Policy and Charging Control Solution with the insertion of our Cisco Policy and Control Rules Function (PCRF) that addresses the performance, reliability, and scalability challenges of mobile networks".

See "Cisco M.O.VE. – New Tools for Mobile Policy and Charging Control" - here. See also "Cisco MOVEs into Video Optimization and Monetization; New Mobile Services Edge Gateway" - here.

The Cisco solution consists of three new components:
  1. The Cisco Intelligent Policy Control Function (IPCF): A 3GPP-compliant Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) to support volume usage management in both centralized and distributed environments.
  2. The Cisco Subscriber Service Controller (SSC): A 3GPP-compliant Subscriber Policy Register (SPR) function for exchanging both static and dynamic subscriber profile data with the Cisco IPCF. With the optional Decision Center functionality, the Cisco SSC enforces aggregate volume usage rules across groups of subscribers sharing a common account.
  3. The Cisco Policy Provisioning Tool (PPT): A graphical user interface for facilitating the definition of policy rules and managing their distribution to the deployed Cisco SSC and Cisco IPCF nodes.

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