Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DPI Testing: Sandvine Chooses Spirent

Spirent announced that it was selected by Sandvine to "verify the performance of its network policy control solutions under mobile network conditions. With Spirent’s mobile core testing solution, Sandvine can ensure its Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) supports stringent mobile requirements such as high volumes of subscribers with dynamic IP traffic flows"

See "Sandvine Chooses Spirent for Mobile Core Testing of Network Policy Control"  - here.

"Also used by leading mobile operators worldwide, Sandvine is utilizing Spirent Landslide Mobile Core Test Solution to comprehensively emulate 3G/LTE mobile networks with millions of subscribers accessing a multitude of mobile applications and to test how its PTS responds in the mobile core network. As the industry’s only solution that emulates real-world traffic models, Spirent Landslide emulates all of the key mobile core data network elements, and combines control plane and data plane simulation. This provides realistic emulation of millions of mobile nodes in various stages of activation, deactivation, and hand-off between cells, all while transmitting and receiving real-world application data".

Spirent Landslide emulates up to 800,000 mobile nodes and 2,000 network components in a single chassis; up to 32 chassis can be used together.

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