Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Akamai to Offer Products for Operator's Own Content Delivery

Dan Rayburn (picture), EVP and Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan says in a recent blog post that "multiple telcos have told me that Akamai has discussed with them the possibility that Akamai may get into the software licensing business by providing telcos and carriers with Akamai's own CDN technology to enable telcos to build out their own content delivery services .. It makes sense that Akamai is looking at offering an LCDN ("Licensed CDN") product as all of the major carriers are now partnering less with pure-play CDNs and working to add their own content delivery solutions and transparent caching platforms to their network".

See "Akamai Developing A Licensed CDN Offering For Telcos and Carriers" - here.

See also "Why Should Telcos Build their Own CDN?" - here and posts on Verizon (here), BT (here and here). See also "F&S: Video Delivery, Caching and CDN Markets CAGR (2010-15): 40%" - here.

Nevertheless, with its product offering Akamai will join a growing list of vendors already offering Caching/CDN solutions, including: Alcatel-Lucent (here), Cisco (here), Juniper (here), Ericsson (here), Bluecoat (here), Huawei (here), PeerApp (here), Oversi (here), Bytemobile (here), BTI (here) and Allot (here).

Back to Akamai's move: "With many carriers starting to spend serious CAPEX dollars on their own content delivery build-outs, some are telling me that they don't see the need to allow Akamai to take up more space inside their network .. As soon as carriers and ISPs build and deploy their own CDN solutions, which we have started to see them do thanks to the success of services like Netflix .. Akamai's servers become less important for some of these carriers".

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