Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Celebrating 3 Years with a New Report: The BTM 2013 Deployments Directory

My Broadband Traffic Management Blog celebrates today its 3rd anniversary. I continue my tradition of offering special reports on January 30th - after the 2011 DPI CEOs panel (here - maybe it is time to compare the vision to reality) and the 2012 Survey (still available! - here), I am adding this year the "Broadband Traffic Management 2013 Deployments Directory".

The directory, in MS-Excel format, summarizes all DPI, policy management, optimization and other relevant broadband traffic management deployments by operators I covered during the 3 years.

Most were in the "XX Deployments [##]" type of posts, but some were in other posts, following vendors partnership announcements, public companies fillings/earning calls or other news.

Each of 430+ records shows the operator name, country, type (mobile/ISP..), vendor and system deployed. In some cases one item (operator or vendor) is not available - but I thought the information is important and informative enough to be included. I did my best to verify that each deployment appears only once.

The excel format allows processing the information in many ways; The directory is built as an excel table allowing sorting and filtering; 3 ready-made pivot tables show the information in operators, vendors and system views.

The report is available for $495 through the "Buy Now" option on the right.

Vendors listed in the directory (I used the vendor name at time of announcement):

Acision, Acme Packet, AdaptiveMobile, Akamai Technologies, Alcatel-Lucent, Alepo, Allot Communications, Altobridge, Amdocs, Anagran, Aptilo Networks, Arbor Networks, Arieso, Astellia, Birdstep Technology, Blue Coat Systems, Bridgewater Systems, BroadHop, BTI Systems, Bytemobile, Camiant, Checkpoint, Cisco, CommProve, Comptel, Comverse, Comviva, Connectem, ContentKeeper Technologies, DiViNetworks, EdgeCast, EliteCore, Ellacoya, Ericsson, F5, F5-Traffix, Flash Networks, Fortinet, FTS, Genband, Globitel, GreenPacket, HP, Huawei, InfoVista, Intucell, Ipanema Technologies, Juniper, Kindsight, Live Mobile, MDS Lavastorm Analytics, Mobixell Networks, Neuralitic, Nokia Siemens Networks, ntels, Openet, Openwave, Openwave, Openwave Mobility, Opetnet, Optenet, Orga Systems, Oversi, PeerApp, Phorm, Procera Networks, Qwilt, Radcom, Radware, Redknee, Riverbed, Sandvine, Starent, Symantec Corporation, Tango Telecom, Tekelec, Tellabs, Vantrix, Vedicis, Volubill, WeFI, Zhilabs and ZTE.

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  1. Congratulations with the 3rd anniversary of this great blog!