Sunday, May 6, 2012

Carrier CDN Deployments [145]: Who is Using ALU's Velocix Solution?

Alcatel-Lucent presents in a recent post a number of carrier CDN deployments of its Velocix product (see also "Alcatel-Lucent Adds Bluecoat's Over-the-Top Caching to its Velocix CDN Solution" - here): 
  • Verizon (US) uses our Velocix CDN to allow their FiOS TV subscribers to watch Starz, HBO, and high-definition EPIX content online, access Flex View movies-on-demand on their PCs, mobiles and tablets, watch linear FiOS TV channels on their Xbox 360, and enjoy the NFL RedZone channel on their iPads.
  • Orcon (New Zealand) deployed our Velocix CDN to deliver the SKY online TV service “iSKY.” With iSKY, subscribers have access to an extensive library of content on their PCs - including movies, sports highlights and free catch-up viewing from a wide variety of channels (see a previous post - here).
  • Three large cable MSOs in the US enable their subscribers to watch high-definition TV on their iPads inside the home over WiFi using our Velocix CDN. The deployments feature market-leading, per-session encryption to provide security similar to that of a set-top box.
See "Content Delivery Networks (CDNs): A Winning Strategy for Pay-TV Operators" - here.

See also "TalkTalk [UK] Uses Velocix (Alcatel-Lucent) for Content Delivery" - here.

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