Monday, September 13, 2010

Analysys Mason: CSP Say They should Partner with VAS and Content Providers

Analysys Mason published a research, sponsored by Telcordia, highlighting the gaps for achieving market growth and operational improvement by CSPs (Communications Service Providers).

See "Realising the potential of telecom" - here and Telcordia's press release - "Survey Reveals CSP Obstacles to Realizing the Potential of Telecom" - here.

"Most CSPs recognise that there is an opportunity to sell VAS and content .. but it is not a core competency. Too many CSPs have seen VAS / content strategies fail .. CSPs instead think it is far more beneficial for them to develop intelligent access pipes and work in partnership with VAS and content providers ...CSPs are not clear how they can merge legacy systems in the fixed and mobile environments to support fixed, mobile and VAS / content. They need to become full service operators and recognise that the market requires them to make this migration but their current systems are not scalable and they do not know how to migrate them – all tying into subscriber QoE .. Over the top players (OTA) threaten certain CSPs but varies from market to market and CSP to CSP. Some CSPs see OTA as a threat and others do not. Some of the CSPs own and develop content, whilst in some markets subscribers may simply not find / use high bandwidth content, or a CSP has a significant core infrastructure which is under utilised and not significantly affected by OTA."
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