Wednesday, September 22, 2010

[In-Stat]: "Broadband caps can slow the widespread migration to LTE"

A new In-Stat report covers the expected mobile operators spending on backhaul infrastructure. Among other things, it concludes that "Broadband caps are one of many factors that can slow the widespread migration to LTE".

See "Big and Getting Bigger: Wireless Backhaul Expenditures to Grow 41% by 2014" - here and here

Additional findings:

  • Wireless last mile backhaul capacity in Western Europe will more than triple between 2010 and 2014, to nearly 60,000 Gbps.
  • By 2014, Ethernet will be the dominant carrier technology with 85% usage in base stations. 
“We’re seeing an emerging industry consensus that the optimal solution involves running fiber optic cable straight to each base station, with the Ethernet protocol as the backhaul,” says Chris Kissel, Industry Analyst for In-Stat.  “While this solution is prevalent in areas where fiber is available, the ability to install new fiber is cost-prohibitive in many locations and physically impossible in others.  The best solution for each operator depends upon a unique combination of factors, thus expanding the universe of potential solutions and suppliers.”

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