Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BT's Mobile-like service: Free, Unlimited Wi-Fi to its Broadband Cusotmers

BT announced yesterday a  "free mobile application that will automatically connect customers to its network of 1.6 million Wi-Fi hotspots [see coverage map below - Source:BT], making it even easier for them to access the internet when they are on the move .. Because access is unlimited and free for BT Total Broadband customers there’s no chance of them racking up extra costs on their mobile phone bill .. all BT Total Broadband customers have free and unlimited access"

See "BT boosts free Wi-Fi access with new Smartphone App" - here.

BT also offers its Broadband subscribers a mobile broadband service (as an MVNO over Vodafone's network), for £40/month, with a 1GB monthly usage limit.

AT&T took a similar approach recently (although using its own cellular network) - see "AT&T - No More Unlimited Mobile Data" - here.

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