Monday, September 27, 2010

NSN: Policy based Traffic Management with Flexi NG + DPI

During MWC 2009 Nokia Siemens Networks announced its Evolved Packet Core (EPC) network solution for LTE - see "Nokia Siemens Networks brings LTE one step closer with EPC launch at Mobile World Congress 2009" - here, composed of two products -  Flexi Network Server and the Flexi Network Gateway (NG).

"The Flexi Network Gateway addresses the higher than ever demand for broadband connectivity, combined with the intelligence needed for flexible handling of data traffic according to policy rules of the operator's choice .. Building this new Evolved Packet Core on open ATCA technology allows Nokia Siemens Networks to tap into a hardware supply ecosystem and focus its own efforts on developing specific value added network functionality. Customers will benefit from a more coherent equipment practice across the market, which brings operational synergies."

Since then, the product was mentioned in several customer wins and trials, most recent one was MegaFon Russia - see "Russia tunes in to LTE" - here - but the web site does not have much on the product itself.

Nevertheless, in a presentation posted to NSN's Japanese site (here), we can find a slide (see below), describing how Flexi NG, with DPI support, may implement intelligent traffic management policies (more on NSN's PCRF product, PCS-5000, here).

Little help on translation (courtesy of Google Translate):
  • Title - Value Innovation - Advanced Solution (Deep Packet Inspection)
  • 2nd line -policy "triggers" - location, time, applications accessed, device type, network access type and volume balance
  • In the network elements diagram - operation and charging elements
  • The last line is the policy action list, including: QoS priority control, bandwidth allocation, service control, reporting, port re-direction (?), charging, optimization, filtering and security

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