Sunday, September 26, 2010

Infonetics Research: Policy Servers Market to reach $471M in 2010 ; Bandwidth Management is the leading Driver

Shira Levine, Directing Analyst, Next Gen OSS & Policy, for Infonetics Research, released an update to its 2010 Policy Servers Market size.

See "Policy management market on track to hit $471 million in 2010" - here.

"The market continues to mature, as evidenced by Tekelec’s acquisition of Camiant earlier this year, and we will see additional M&A activity going forward, with larger network and IT suppliers looking to round out their product portfolios with the capabilities of some of the smaller, more innovative policy players,”  says Shira Levine.

See a list of 25 Policy vendors, of which 17 "pure Policy players" may fit the above description - here. See also - "[Light Reading] Openet CEO: "We're not intimidated (by Amdocs) .. Doing R&D with Cisco and IBM" - here and "DPI Market/ M&A Rumors: Sandvine, Bridgewater, Redknee on the TEM Radar" - here.

According to the updated report:
  • Worldwide revenue for policy servers deployed in fixed line and mobile networks grew 73% in 2009, and is on track to reach $471 million in 2010 (see also - "Heavy Reading Operators' Survey: "41% will Deploy PCRF in 12 Months" - here)
  • Infonetics increased its long-term forecasts for the policy management market, which is expected to grow to $1.6 billion by 2014
  • Revenue from wireless and fixed line policy deployments hit a 60%-40% split in 2009, and the wireless proportion of the market will continue to grow as mobile operators increasingly look to policy servers as a way to maximize the value of their WiMAX and LTE deployments
  • Managing bandwidth consumption remains one of the greatest drivers for policy server deployments by both the fixed and wireless operators, and as data traffic continues to skyrocket, particularly over 3G networks, that will not change any time soon
    (see also - "Tekelec CMO: Policy Management Helps Optimize Mobile Networks" - here and "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" - here ).

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