Tuesday, September 21, 2010

[Wireless Week] Does Video Optimization Solve Mobile Data Congestion?

Maisie Ramsay covers in a recent Wirelessweek article the Video Optimization solutions for mobile networks, concluding that:

"Demand for wireless data is increasing exponentially, and device optimization – whether in the form of data compression or widgets built into Web browsers – has emerged as an easily accessible solution to network congestion. The technology is here to stay, and if data demands are any indication, its use is only going to grow." See "Optimization Tackles the Capacity Crunch" - here.

Quotes of companies mentioned in the article:
  • Nokia - "Today, some form of optimization is in place with more than half the operators around the world, and those who have not deployed it yet are in the process of getting the technology,” says Randy Cavaiani, a former Novarra executive who now  leads sales and marketing for Nokia’s operator web services group after Nokia acquired the optimization company last spring.
  • Openwave - "Many vendors have a one-dimension view of optimization, which is reducing the number of bits going over the network,” says Ram Rajagopalan, senior product marketing manager at OpenWave. “Our solution focuses on the user experience.”
  • Bytemobile - "Joel Brand, vice president of product management at Bytemobile, believes demand will continue to outpace capacity even with the deployment of next-generation networks. " (see "Bytemobile Sees Optimization as Must Also for Next Generation Networks " - here)
Other companies in this space: Flash Networks (see "Networks Norway Uses Flash Networks for Video Optimization" - here), Mobixell, Venturi Wireless.

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