Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Openet "Applauds Verizon’s Foresight in Recognizing Need for Policy Rules"

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a vendor of Policy Management s/w supports the Google-Verizon for Net Neutrality compromise (see "Google/Verizon Net Neutrality Compromise - Is it really "FCC Enforceable"?"  - here), but still Openet decided to issue a press release with comments to the proposed plan of the two giants.

See "Openet Issues Comment on Google/Verizon Net Neutrality Plan" - here.

"Openet supports the idea of creating revenue streams from prioritized traffic and content .. operators should be allowed to offer levels of service to ensure that OTT content is always high quality, as long as traffic is prioritized by type rather than favoring some providers over others .. [but] Content and applications that are hosted or owned by the operator should not benefit from a higher level of service than those from over-the-top (OTT) providers"

Service providers’ greatest concerns, in addition to service degradation, are about the costs of network build out and ability to manage transaction volumes for a significant number of data services. In light of this escalating cost, operators want to reserve the right to charge more for premium services, and for different levels of these services,” said Marc Price, VP of Technology at Openet. “With this structure, a premium user on a device such as an iPad could be charged more to reserve a high speed toll lane on the information highway—ensuring that the device performs as advertised without congesting the network.”

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