Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Media Delivery Network - Ericsson's New Solution for Delivery of Video over IP

"The Ericsson MDN enables operators to deploy solutions that overcome issues caused by increasing video traffic in their networks. The MDN is a media-centric network that supports multi-channel TV, video on demand, and over-the-top video content from the same core infrastructure. It includes solutions for distribution and delivery, caching, storing, streaming, transcoding and the content management system (CMS). It also enables targeted advertising and fast channel changing across any platform to any screen."

See "Video over IP through Media Delivery Network" - here.

According to Ericsson - ".. IP video is expected to represent more than 90% of network traffic in the next few years. Today the figure lies between 35 and 60%, depending on the country"

The press release does not provide any additional information on the new solution; there is no customer or analyst quote; Ericsson's quote is just more marketing buzz and the new solution does not appear on Ericsson’s site.

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