Monday, September 6, 2010

Vodafone Germany LTE tiering plans: No P2P, No VoIP

The Register reports that "Vodafone has announced its 4G roll-out for Germany .. to most people 4G is about data supplied to laptops and similar. That's reflected in the tariffs announced by Vodafone Germany, which will be asking €40 a month for 7.2Mb/s, with a 10GB cap, rising to €70 for 50Mb/s speed capped at 30GB. Bust the cap and you're reduced to 3G speeds until the end of the month."  

See "Vodafone announces 4G roll-out for Germany" - here.

The Vodafone site (German) - "Übersicht der aktuellen Preise und Tarife" - here has a comment - "Die Nutzung der Tarife für Voice over IP und Peer-to-Peer Kommunikation ist nicht gestattet." - "The use of tariffs for voice over IP and peer-to-peer communication is prohibited"!

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