Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cisco: Introduction to "Flow Metadata"

A post to Cisco's blog by Ulrica de Fort-Menares (pictured), Director of product management, Medianet, discusses Flow Metadata "..allows an application to explicitly signal any arbitrary attributes to the network from node to node. This avoids the pitfall of data not being visible for deep packet inspection due to increasing use of encryption and obfuscation".

See "Cisco's Medianet Brings QoS For Video Using DPI" - here.
"Tradition network classification solution using deep packet inspection technology is localized as classification may not be available along the path. How can network element enforce policies if they do not have uniform view of traffic to apply consistent enforcement of network policies ? Flow Metadata is reusable across network nodes by allowing sharing of flow attributes amongst network nodes. This allows appropriate and consistent policies to be applied at each hop, end to end, improving the quality of experience".

Source: Cisco - Medianet Metadata 

See "A new Application recognition paradigm – Flow metadata" - here.

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