Tuesday, June 5, 2012

QoS Announcements: Huawei Improves TCP Performance by up-to 50%

Huawei unveiled its ".. Backhaul Adaptive Solution, a mobile broadband (MBB) solution that provides operators with an IP Backhaul Performance Monitor (IPPM) and IP Backhaul Quality Management (IP SQM) services for improved IP backhaul efficiency ..
  • The Backhaul Adaptive Solution's IPPM service constantly monitors QoS between the eNodeB and the EPC Serving Gateway according to speed, delay, jitter and packet loss. The solution adjusts for bandwidth bottlenecking according to changes in network quality and realizes adaptive adjustments for bandwidth transmission.
  • The IP SQM service focuses on the downlink from the EPC Serving Gateway to the eNodeB to realize smooth levels of data traffic and buffering. The IP SQM also supports both static and dynamic bandwidth adjustments based on data provided by the IPPM and increases backhaul usage and improves user experience by decreasing packet loss and retransmission". 

"..The Backhaul Adaptive Solution has been successfully tested by top global operators. Test results show that when S1 link congestion occurs, TCP transmission efficiency is improved by up to 50% when the solution is employed".

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