Sunday, June 17, 2012

NSN Optimizes Mobile Broadband in CDMA

Nokia Siemens Networks introduced ".. a set of features that enable more efficient use of network resources. These features increase data capacity by up to 40% in loaded cells thereby helping operators economically manage greater data traffic volumes, without the need for hardware investment, via a straightforward software upgrade .. EV-DO Advanced software comprises a number of capabilities that increase network capacity, deliver higher data rates and prioritize and allocate bandwidth better to improve overall network efficiency. In addition, these features improve mobile device performance and extend battery life:  
  • Network Load Balancing (NLB) reassigns mobile devices from heavily-loaded sectors to lightly-loaded sectors, to increase network capacity, reduce backhaul bottlenecks and improve data rates.
  • Smart Carrier Management maximizes data throughput and overall network capacity by assigning one or more carriers to a device (within the same cell or from an adjacent cell) if they are less loaded or offer better coverage.
  • Enhanced Connection Management optimizes device connections to the network depending on the type of application being used to improve signaling capacity and reduce latency. It includes new features that will enhance device performance and data speeds and extend battery life.
See "Nokia Siemens Networks frees spectrum, increases data capacity on #CDMA" - here.

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