Monday, June 4, 2012

Optimization Deployments [153]: 3UK Deployed Allot(Ortiva) for Video Optimization

Allot Communications announced a deployment of its recently acquired video optimization solution (see "Allot: Cost of Ortiva Acquisition - Less than $17M, in Cash" - here) to 3UK, probably the "European (part of a larger group) tier1 mobile customer" mentioned in the above link.

3UK faces a huge growth in data consumption (see "3UK: New Year's Mobile Traffic Growth: Voice +10%; SMS +28%; Data +471%" - here) and announced recently it will control some heavy data subscribers and usages (see "3UK Identifies and Controls File Sharing, Tethering and High Data Use" - here).

With video optimization it adds another level of data control. ".. Three UK has deployed Ortiva Wireless' unique iVOG (internet Video Optimization Gateway) platform to help optimize Three UKnetwork costs and provide the necessary level of quality for subscribers. By reducing the stalls, or buffering, that can be encountered by people watching video over mobile networks, Three UK's customers will receive a superior video experience".

Phil Sheppard (pictured), Director of Network Strategy at Three UK said: "Three selected the Ortiva iVOG platform after a detailed RFP, lab and field trial process Ortiva's scalability advantages allowed the deployment to be paid for entirely by the savings in network expansion costs, while at the same time improving the subscriber quality of experience even under challenging network conditions".

See "Allot Announces Three UK Customer Deployment of Ortiva Wireless IVOG Platform" - here.


  1. Seems 3UK made a huge mistake ... still not handling much traffic and caused network-wide data outage last month (Aug 2012).

  2. Apparently the "Ortiva iVOG" platform doesn't work with youTube, so no danger of any real video optimization for 3UK subscribers just yet.