Monday, June 18, 2012

[Infonetics]: 2.6B Mobile Broadband (17% on LTE) Subscribers by 2016

A new research by Stéphane Téral (pictured), principal analyst for mobile infrastructure and carrier economics, Infonetics Research concludes that:

 "The number of mobile broadband subscribers jumped nearly 50% in 2011 to 846 million and we expect that number to reach 2.6 billion by 2016, driven by Brazil, Russia, India, China and others in the developing world .. The number of LTE subscribers is forecast by Infonetics to near 450 million by 2016 .. WiMAX subscribers are expected to grow at a 35% compound annual growth rate through 2016, when they will top 132 million"

(compare to "[Juniper Research]: 430M LTE Subscribers by 2016; Attracted by speeds and Service Guarantees" - here)

"DSL subscribers accounting for over 2/3 of all wireline broadband subscriptions in 2011"

".. We anticipate Asia Pacific to account for over half of the world’s mobile broadband subscribers by 2016, while Latin America will see the fastest growth .. Mobile subscribers are forecast by Infonetics to pass the 6-billion mark in 2012, and to approach 7 billion by 2016 .. China Mobile, Vodafone, and América Móvil are the world’s top mobile operators by number of subscribers"

See "Mobile broadband subscribers up 50%"- here.

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