Monday, June 11, 2012

Netflix CDN Appliance Design: 100TB;10Gbps -- in 4U Chassis

Further to Netflix' announcement on its independent CDN offering (here), the streaming video provider published the technical details for those ISPs wishing to connect to the new network:
  • Peering points - "Netflix has an open peering policy and actively peers with networks that have end-users viewing Netflix content. We do not peer with networks that only have a homemarket of end-users in countries in which we do not presently operate .. The ISP network must be located in or connected to the same peering locations as the Netflix network".

    Peering locations are available in several cities in the US as well as London (see "Are UK ISPs Ready for Netflix?" - here).
  • Hardware Design - "When designing the Open Connect Appliance Hardware, we focused on these fundamental design goals: Very high storage density without sacrificing space and power efficiency. Our target was fitting 100 terabytes into a 4u chassis that is less than 2' deep .. High throughput: 10 Gbps throughput via an optical network connection .. Open Connect Appliances are servers based on commodity PC components (similar to the model used by all large scale content delivery networks) .. To achieve over 100 TB of storage, spinning hard drives provide the highest affordable density, in particular 36 3TB SATA units"
  • Software - "For the operating system, we use FreeBSD version 9.0 .. We use the nginx web server for its proven scalability and performance. Netflix audio and video is served via HTTP .. We use the BIRD Internet routing daemon to enable the transfer of network topology from ISP networks to the Netflix control system that directs clients to sources of content"
See "Netflix Open Connect Content Delivery Network" - here.

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