Sunday, June 10, 2012

Optimization Deployments [154]: Telma Madagascar Uses DiViNetworks

DiViNetworks (here) announced that "Using DiViNetworks, Telma adds Virtual Capacity to its international capacity, merely by placing a device in the local network [here]..DiViNetworks' unique technology was proven to provide the highest optimization ratios over 100% of the Internet traffic, simplest integration and maintenance, future proof solidity, and maximal stability".

Telma has more than 1.5M fixed and mobile subscribers. See "Telma Madagascar Selects DiViNetworks for Data Expansion" - here.

DiViNetworks also published recently the results of a research done "to find out if our web surfing habits are really unique like we would all like to believe, or, are we all viewing the same content?". The research shows that (see chart) "50% of the data traffic has already passed the network – even in a short window of 6 hours", helping understand the efficiency of DiViNetworks' caching solution.

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  1. This is great news. I think regions in Africa are really taking things more seriously by option for DiViNetworks