Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Procera Adds Application and Subscriber-Aware Solutions to Cloud Service Providers

Earlier this year Procera Networks announced it has "..received and deployed an initial order from a Tier-1 Asian Fixed/Mobile operator for a Cloud Services deployment" (here) and now the DPI vendor announces new product category targeting the same market with the "..  introduction of new PacketLogic™ products designed to simplify large-scale subscriber deployments for network and cloud service providers. The new product offerings for this market are Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation (CGN) and Advanced Traffic Steering, which both leverage the subscriber, service, and application awareness of Procera’s PacketLogic solutions"

"In order to meet the service and quality expectations of consumers, cloud providers will require solutions that can dynamically adapt to the changes in Internet applications by leveraging Deep Packet Inspection technology. Current solutions for CGN and traffic steering cannot meet these requirements at the scale required to support tens of millions of subscribers and billions of consumer devices"

"Application and Subscriber-Aware Traffic Steering is becoming a strategic technology for cloud operators and service providers to better manage and scale value-added services. Unlike traditional load-balancing systems, intelligent policy enforcement-based traffic steering solutions can make policy decisions based on subscriber service plans and applications without complicated configurations or integrations".

See "Procera Enters Application Delivery Market – Delivers Innovative Subscriber-Aware Carrier-Grade NAT and Advanced Traffic Steering Products for Network and Cloud Service Providers" - here.

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