Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Optimization Announcements: Openwave Adds Congestion/Location-Aware Optimization

Openwave Mobility announced ".. the availability of the latest version of its Congestion Control (CC) Media Optimizer product, a video optimization solution that enables mobile operators to manage congestion when it occurs in localized hotspots rather than requiring brute force compression of all video on the network at all times. CC’s Media Optimizer automatically triggers optimization when the network reaches pre-determined thresholds and gives operators the ability to intelligently analyze and implement video optimization based on real-time network conditions .. This new version of Media Optimizer provides inline MP4 optimization, which dynamically optimizes MP4 video traffic only when necessary while maintaining or improving user quality of experience (QoE). This inline MP4 capability is in addition to Media Optimizer’s existing inline optimization already available for earlier video types". 

See "Openwave Mobility introduces industry’s most comprehensive smartphone video optimization solution" - here.

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