Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DPI Announcements: Qosmos Adds IPv6 Support

While the portion of IPv6 traffic in public networks is still small, DPI products must support it - for example if you find YouTube  important - see "DPI Reports: IPv6 Gaining Share - YouTube Leads" - (here).

Qosmos announced that ".. its line of next-generation Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) products natively supports the IPv6 protocol. Qosmos is the first DPI engine to natively support IPv6 and all the transition mechanisms between IPv4 and IPv6. The capability has been in place since the inception of Qosmos technology more than ten years ago and its strategic importance is highlighted by the current worldwide migration to IPv6".

This includes:
  • Qosmos provides full support of protocol classification over TCP and UDP, enabling the translation and analysis of the different levels of encapsulation these protocols will require in an “IPv6 world.” With IPv6, all mobile networks will need to support this encapsulation in order to promote the efficient delivery of network traffic, and Qosmos supports this requirement.
  • Native support of IPv6-specific signaling protocols in the data and control planes including SIP, FTP and GTP means that solutions that rely on the advanced DPI capabilities in Qosmos’ products can be assured the traffic will be properly correlated and analyzed at any point, ensuring complete and efficient analysis of user and application information in real-time.
  • Qosmos supports communication protocols specifically designed for use in IPv6 networks, including ICMP V6, DHCP V6, IPv6 CP, Teredo, and Mobile IPv6.
See "Qosmos Announces Support for IPv6 in its Network Intelligence Technology Suite" - here.

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