Monday, October 8, 2012

Offload Deployments [187]: TIM [Brazil] Prepares to the 2016 Olympics with Aptilo

Aptilo Networks announced that TIM Brazil  ".. has begun a major Wi-Fi initiative to deploy wireless broadband throughout Brazil. Through systems integrator Retis, Aptilo Networks .. is providing TIM Brasil with a complete Wi-Fi and mobile data offloading solution .. The Aptilo solution offloads mobile data from TIM Brasil’s HSPA and HSPA+ networks through Aptilo’s Wi-Fi platform. Utilizing the fiber network of TIM Intelig and TIM Fiber as a backbone, TIM Brasil will leverage Aptilo’s mobile data offloading and Wi-Fi solutions on a national basis".

At the end of Q2, 2012, TIM Brasil was the 2nd largest MNO in Brazil, with around 69 million lines (about 1.7 million added in the Quarter).

".. TIM Brasil’s aggressive expansion plans are expected to offload mobile data traffic, using over 10,000 hotspots to be deployed throughout Brazil .. TIM Brasil also innovated being the first operator in South America to utilize EAP-SIM Authentication. Aptilo’s SIM Authentication Server™ is highly scalable and optimized to deliver an automatic, secure and seamless mobile data offload experience. It authenticates users via the SIM card (utilizing EAP-SIM/AKA) in their mobile device as they move from TIM Brasil’s 3G network to Wi-Fi, ensuring an “invisible” handoff as users move from 3G to the Wi-Fi network"
See "TIM Brasil Rolls Out Wi-Fi Offload with Aptilo and Retis In Advance of Major Sport Events in Brazil" - here.

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