Monday, October 11, 2010

100G Announcements for DPI Products

At least two vendors already announced support for 100GE interfaces on their DPI capable core switches. In both cases it is not clear id DPI is available with the newly supported 100G interfaces, and to what total capacity.

Alcatel Lucent was the first (see "Alcatel-Lucent Adds 100G Interface to the 7750 Service Router" - here) and now ZTE is announcing the new ZXR10 8900E, which "In terms of core chip architecture, the ZXR10 8900E switch series supports up to 640Gbps of switching capacity per chip and 960Mpps L2-L7 packet processing capability, and thus is able to fully meet the processing capability of 100G and 40G ports. "

See "ZTE Rolls Out New Generation Core Switch for Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Carrier Networks" - here.

ZTE's previous generation model - ZXR10 8900 - (here) has a DPI Service Model - "DPI service module is designed for checking services via deep packet inspection technology instead of sending packets out directly. Deep Packet Inspection technology identifies traffic accurately, and implements control and statistical analysis. It provides rich control and QOS policies for customers to help them to make the best use of network resource and realize differentiated service based upon user and service, and implement data Stat on the basis of traffic, port and vlan as well. ".

The new model, 8900E, does not yet have a spec page.

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